Monday, August 31, 2009

LAUSD and the Private Enterprise Model

In response to the LA Times article "Votes could open 250 L.A. schools to outside operators" Legal Help Lives Stephen Jamieson had this to say:

There is no reason that public school should be struggling, yet it is. There is no reason that with the resources of the government and the requirements imposed on public school teachers and administrators that they should be under-performing, yet in many cases they are under-performing. While there should never be change for change's sake alone, operating outside one's comfort zone can be beneficial to expose inefficiencies and complacency - which are never good qualities. The LAUSD should try using a private enterprise model. There are enough good, caring teachers and administrators that it will temper a for profit type system that is otherwise judged solely on competitive edge so that students will reap the benefits rather than the corporate structure itself. And, isn't that what we all want, better student performance?

For the full LA Times article click here.