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Legal Help Live TV Show Notes - November 10, 2010

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Disorder in the Court: Clerk Arrested

For Dismissing Relatives' Tickets

-Former Palm Beach clerk arrested for changing traffic tickets

-Butler was a deputy clerk at the Palm Beach County courthouse and for two

years helped out over a dozen friends who were stopped by cops and issued

tickets. I n all, she may have changed about 42 different cases, authorities


I t’s the coffee?

-Man apparently commits suicide at

Starbucks in Thousand Oaks

-THOUSAND OAKS — Police are investigating an

apparent suicide at a Starbucks in the 500 block

of North Ventu Park Road.

High Court Case Tests Bans On Class- Action Suits

-The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in a case against AT& T

Mobility. A California couple sued the company on behalf of themselves

and all others who were charged $30.32 in sales tax for the supposedly free

phone they got when they enrolled. If they won, the class action could bring

potentially millions of dollars for all those consumers improperly charged.

But the cell phone contract barred class actions, meaning that the couple

would likely recover only $30.32 for themselves.


-SAN M ATEO, Calif. (CN) - Attorneys for 18

families whose homes were destroyed or damaged

in the September gas explosion in San Bruno

place blame for the disaster squarely at the feet of

PG& E. Besides failing to maintain the enormous

pipeline under a rapidly growing neighborhood,

the families say, PG& E applied for rate increases

in each of the 3 years before the disaster, seeking

$5 million in taxpayer money to replace the pipe,

but "never made the repairs for which they

received the funds.

NCAA Hit With $25M Defamation Lawsuit


LOS ANGELES (CN) - An events promoter claims the National

Collegiate Athletic Association defamed him by claiming he acted as

O.J. Mayo's "handler" and gave him cash, gifts and "extra benefits," in an

investigative report that led to sanctions against the University of Southern


Rodney Guillory, the so-called "mayor of prep basketball" in

Southern California, demands $25 million from the NCAA, claiming its

report "mischaracterizes and misrepresents" his relationship with the former

Trojan star who now plays for the NBA's Memphis Grizzlie

-Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

-San Francisco bans mc donalds happy meal toy give away

Justices Weigh Seat-Belt Lawsuits Against Mazda (CN)

-The Supreme Court on Wednesday looked at whether federal standards giving

car makers options in design and equipment requirements pre-empt design-defect claims

at the state level. The case arose from a California tort lawsuit accusing Mazda of failing to install a lap and shoulder belt instead of just a lap belt in the center back seat of a minivan, which allegedly led to a woman's death in a collision. The attorney for the victim's family, Martin Buchanan, said the family's state-law claims should be permitted based on Congress' intent to let common law play a role in determining safe vehicle standards.

Strip Search Machines at airports

-Transportation Security Administration initially

called “whole-body imagers” but has now

labeled “advanced imaging technology” units.

Critics, of course, call them strip-search machines.

Is this an evasion of privacy or just a security need

in today’s world?

Dina Lohan admits Lindsay is an addict

-- After years of downplaying Lindsay Lohan's

struggles with substance abuse, Dina Lohan

admitted M onday that her daughter is an addict

The Spa Half-Hour- the economy decline for the super rich.


There was a time in the not-so-distant past when every big hotel needed a spa. Leisure

travelers demanded it, and business travelers did, too — to reward themselves, their

clients or their employees with lavish massage and steam-filled weekends in opulent