Thursday, September 17, 2009

Protecting Yourself from Illegal Contractors

With any natural disaster comes rebuilding, unfortunately many out there seek to capitalize on that at the expense of those who already can't afford it. In an LA Times article titled "Authorities Seek to Warn Station Fire Victims about Illegal Contractors" the question of how to protect you, the home owner, from unscrupulous contractors is raised.

Here's what Legal Help Lives Stephen Jamieson had to say:

It irks me (legal phrase, given I am lawyer) that people are out there to victimize the victimized in these times of great strife and tragedy. this is especially true when it occurs during a horrible recession and people are likely at their most vulnerable position even before the fires. Contractors always need to be licensed. If they are not licensed they are not entitled to be paid. That is the law. Don't pay them in advance and don't hire them unless and until they are confirmed to be licensed and insured. No exceptions!