Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Legal Help Live Show Notes

Legal Help Live offers free legal advice each Wednesday at 4 PM. During the show the Hosts take calls from viewers with legal situations from parking tickets to personal injury. Viewers can catch the show on LA cable channel 36 or 16 in Santa Monica. Online the show can be viewed on

If you'd like to ask the Hosts a question call 1(800)405-4222

SHOW TOPICS 4-14-2010

-The party's over for tailgaters at Dodger Stadium-LAPD and security officers crack down on the traditional opening day party in the ballpark's parking lots before the game. Regular participants deplore the action.
-Most expensive divorce -Murdock 1.7 billion to wife
-Ruling Looms for Cases Handled By Tainted Evidence Lab-SAN FRANCISCO-CRIME LAB TECH-STOLE DRUGS AND LAB IS DISARRAY
-TWO escaped convicts have dodged a huge manhunt - by disguising themselves as SHEEP.The pair dressed in full sheepskin fleeces, complete with heads, to lie low among farm flocks. Robbers Maximiliano Pereyra, 25, and Ariel Diaz, 28, stole the sheep hides from a ranch after breaking out of an Argentinian maximum security prison a week ago.
-Justice stevens retires
-Toyota cases consolidated to federal court orange county
-Lawyer-forges federal judge signature to order –SANTA ANA - A lawyer who forged a Los Angeles federal judge's signature on a court order must spend six months in jail and six months in home confinement.
-Timothy D. Thurman pleaded guilty in December to forging the signature of U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess on a fake civil minute order meant to stop the immediate eviction of clients whose home had been foreclosed upon