Monday, October 19, 2009

Should you report a robbery?

Is it worth reporting a robbery if you fear retribution from those involved?

Robberies aren't supposed to happen, but when they do should you report it? Many don't report small robberies thinking nothing will be done and just move, while others are afraid but do so anyways. The problem is, citizens who do report crimes shouldn't have to worry about the robber retaliating against them.

Legal Help Live wants to know, have you been robbed and did you report it, or have you been the threatened for reporting a crime? Take a look at the unbelievable story of Khristina Henry and leave a comment below.

"After midnight on a cool September morning three years ago, Khristina Henry and her boyfriend stepped out of the El Dorado Bowling Alley near LAX. Nearby, a group of about 20 young men stared hard as the pair of 17-year-olds walked to their car."


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