Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Show Notes (11.25)

Legal Help Live will be live on air today (11.25) at 4 PM, to get you going here's a preview of the topics we'll be discussing.

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Show Notes
Fired, Laid off, or Discriminated Against?
-Find out what kind of recourse you have and whether you can get your money/job back.
Are you a "Manager" in name only?
- What are your rights if you're doing the work but not being paid fairly?
California adopts stricter rules for drug abusers in the health industry.
-Nurses, dentists, and other professionals with addictions will be subject to more drug tests and any restrictions to their licenses will be listed on public websites.
Effects of Judge's Katrina ruling could be huge.
-A Judge recently ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers was primarily at fault for much of the flooding during Hurricane Katrina.
UC Regents approves 32% increase in education fees.
The Oprah effect: winners and losers.
BMW Bandits
-The bandits who target air bags and headlights primarily in the Westside/mid-Wilshire area are moving into the valley.
Porn Kings trying to release Prejean sex tape.
A setback in Maine for gay marriage, but medical marijuana law expands.
Hollywood Spider-Man impersonator caught in legal web.
Boxer Mike Tyson gets arrested after altercation at LAX.
McCourt divorce.

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