Thursday, January 14, 2010

Legal Help Live Show Notes

Legal Help Live offers free legal advice each Wednesday at 4 PM. During the show the Hosts take calls from viewers with legal situations from parking tickets to personal injury. Viewers can catch the show on LA cable channel 36 or 16 in Santa Monica. Online the show can be viewed on

If you'd like to ask the Hosts a question call 1(800)405-4222

SHOW TOPICS 1-13-2010

-Lawsuits: AT&T collects illegal taxes in Internet access - Over the last month, a series of federal lawsuits around the country have charged AT&T with illegally collecting” taxes" on wireless data plans. The suits, which all seek class action status, say that there are no such taxes. AT&T is no stranger to being sued. IN the last year alone, the company’s wireless unit has faced big lawsuits from songwriters over its ringtones, lawsuits for slow 3Gspeeds and even attempted class action suites over the phone’s lack of MMS.
-Appeal Request by Dan Rather is Turned Down, By BrianStelter - Dan Rather’s request for an appeal in his lawsuit against CBS Corporation was turned down on Tuesday, marking an apparent end to the high-profile breach of contract case. Mr Rather, the former anchor of the “CBS Evening News,” had appealed to the New York Court of Appeals after the appellate division of New York State Supreme court ruled unanimously in September to dismiss the $70 million lawsuit Mr. Rather had brought against the network in 2007.
-Are California’s traffic safety laws tough enough? - In California, first-year drivers aren’t supposed to drive late at night, let other teens ride in the car with them, or talk on their cell phones when they’re behind the wheel. But Stone says the laws only require secondary enforcement. In other words, "they have to be stopped for some other reason before they can give a ticket." Stone says it’s a weak and ineffective law. And it didn't used to be this way. "All highway safety laws used to be just primary enforcement, "she says. "Secondary wasn’t even an issue. Let’s go back to the days when highway safety laws were enforced as primary enforcement.
-Restaurant Chefs Boiling Over NYC Mayor’s Salt Crackdown, FOXNews – Mayor Bloomberg yesterday defended his latest nanny initiative –a controversial crackdown on salt-by comparing the simple seasoning to killer asbestos in the classroom.
-California could make pot legal, KGET 17 - The bill would "tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol," according to Assemblyman Tom Ammiano.
-California Judge Orders Highway Patrol to Return 60 Pounds of Marijuana to Owner, AllGov
- Five Things We’ll Miss about Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider Man” Franchise, – Some fans might point towards continuity deviations, an over abundance of villains and excessive dance sequences as reasons to look forward to the new direction of “Spider-Man”.
-Sarah Palin Slams President Obama, Critics in Fox News Debut, ABC News – Fresh from her book tour, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is trying out a new role as a Fox News pundit.
-California Prop. 8 trial might affect Mich. Laws, MSU State News – The constitutionality of California’s same-sex marriage ban began Monday and its repercussions could change marriage laws nationwide.


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