Monday, September 13, 2010

Legal Help Live Show Notes

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Show Notes 9-13-2010

-Plaintiffs May Sue Over Explosion -Lawsuits are likely on the horizon after last week's massive explosion and fire in the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno that, as of Friday afternoon, had killed four people, destroyed and damaged more than 40 homes and injured dozens.
-Ageless Cher Turns Back Time to 1989 in a very familiar outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards-at 64
-Fitness guru Jane Fonda looks amazing at 72 in new workout DVD for old age pensioners. She is just as famous for her 1980s workout videos as she is for winning two Oscars and protesting the Vietnam War. And now, fitness guru Jane Fonda is stepping back into the lycra to release two new exercise DVDs - aimed at old age pensioners. As these pictures show, the 72-year-old actress has managed to maintain the amazing body she flaunted in skimpy aerobic leotards 25 years ago.
-Sponge left inside Palm Beach County judge during surgery nearly kills him-Palm Beach Post Staff Writer- It has been called the “surgeon’s dread.” The most common mistake made in surgery, according to medical journals, is leaving a sponge or instrument inside a patient. County Judge Nelson Bailey knows precisely what happens when something is left behind. After abdominal surgery at Good Samaritan Medical Center for diverticulitis, the pain in the judge’s belly only got worse. Repeatedly, he says, he returned to his primary doctor and complained. Repeatedly, he was sent for CT scans. And repeatedly, the metal marker on the sponge appearing in the scans was misidentified. For five months, the surgical sponge festered near Bailey’s intestines. The pus- and bile-stained mass measured more than a foot long and a foot wide when finally removed and unwound in March. “I was expecting something like a kitchen sponge,” the longtime judge said. “I was shocked.”
-Invalid conditions of criminal probation
-California DUI and Motorcycle Fatalities Highlight Big Declines in Overall Traffic Deaths /PRNewswire/ -- For the fourth year in a row, DUI deaths dropped in 2009. At the same time, motorcycle fatalities saw their first drop since 1998, marking the end to an 11-year, 175 percent increase. DUI and motorcycle deaths were just two of the highlights of a statewide decline in total traffic fatalities of 10.3 percent.
In figures released by the Federal government today, California recorded 950 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in 2009, a 7.6 percent decline from 1,025 in 2008. The 2009 totals mark a 26.8 percent drop from the 2005 high of 1,298. Motorcycle fatalities dropped by 29.6 percent, from 560 in 2008 to 394 in 2009. Total traffic fatalities from all causes fell from 3,434 in 2008 to 3,081 last year.
-California Supreme Court seems likely to uphold forced state furloughs-Los Angeles Times-The justices' questions to lawyers indicate they'll rule Schwarzenegger's furloughs legal. The furloughs sparked more than 30 lawsuits.
-Hermosa Beach tattoo parlor ban ruled unconstitutional by appeals court -By Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times -Tattoos and the art of tattooing... Beach ban on tattoo parlors is unconstitutional...Cheat'n Heart Tattoo in Gardena, after...coastal community. Hermosa Beach officials had refused...said he expected Hermosa Beach officials to reconside
-Don’t ask don’t tell policy of military violates 1st amendment riverside district court judge rules
-FDA says e-cigarette companies must seek regulatory approval
The FDA targets five firms, warning them that e-cigs need to be approved as drugs and/or drug delivery devices.

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